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Top IT Outsourcing Companies in Austin

Top IT Outsourcing Companies in Austin
Top IT Outsourcing Companies in Austin

IT outsourcing companies in Austin, Texas help you meet the core values of your software projects. They help you provide the best development services to grow your business from a startup to a large enterprise. The ultimate objective of developing high-end software solutions is to meet the needs and expectations of end customers. From ease of use to operations and software design to security standards, all crucial parameters are considered to ensure a complete IT solution.

Taking development services from IT outsourcing companies in Texas gives you access to software systems developed on the latest technology stacks. The business owners can focus on the core business values and outsource the headache of project development and management to third parties. Highly affordable costs and enhanced development services help SMBs outsource their software projects to IT outsourcing companies.

Below are the top IT outsourcing companies in Austin, Texas, that offer software development solutions to businesses worldwide. But first, let’s see why your business needs an IT outsourcing company in Texas.

Why Businesses Need IT Outsourcing?

Nowadays, IT outsourcing trends have captivated numerous businesses. Despite being a prevalent term, many remain uncertain about its true implications. Well, the debate of in-house vs outsourcing software development will take time, so let’s skip it. So, let’s start by unraveling the essence of IT outsourcing.

Defining IT outsourcing isn’t straightforward, but it essentially involves entrusting tasks to a proficient third-party entity equipped with advanced technological infrastructure, delivering state-of-the-art services while offering a competitive edge.

Modern enterprises leverage IT outsourcing services to fulfill various IT needs crucial to their operations. When you opt for outsourcing in information security, you’re essentially engaging third-party vendors or firms to handle tasks instead of managing them internally. Here are some of the most outsourced IT services:

  • Custom Software Development
  • Infrastructure Management
  • Product Development
  • eCommerce Web Application Development
  • Website Design & Development
  • iOS & Android Mobile Application Development
  • SEO Management and Marketing
  • IT Infrastructure Support Services

Businesses use diverse approaches when embracing outsourcing. For example, in outsourcing software services, there are three major methods: offshore, nearshore, and onshore outsourcing.

How to Select the Right IT Outsourcing Company in Austin?

For businesses, choosing the ideal outsourcing partner can be a daunting task. The path to IT outsourcing doesn’t follow a strict guide. Still, with our extensive experience, we’ve realized that outsourcing guarantees profitable results across various domains like manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, life sciences, technology, media, and telecommunications. Simplifying the process involves assembling the right team, leveraging appropriate technology, and executing the correct procedures.

Our domain experts have crafted a six-step roadmap to aid businesses in choosing the perfect outsourcing partner:

Top IT Outsourcing Companies in Austin

Initiate Clear Communication of Requirements

Validate whether a chosen business aligns with your expectations. Understanding the capabilities of potential partners allows for the exchange of requirements and their subsequent analysis and resolution.

Set Definitive Goals to Meet Expectations

Clarity about your business needs is crucial. Define why outsourcing is necessary and how it benefits your business. Communicate benchmarks to facilitate the delivery of a high-quality solution.

Select Optimal Technology and Platforms

After setting expectations, make informed decisions about the technology that will fortify and sustain your applications. Adapting to evolving market dynamics ensures timely updates and optimal results.

Assess the Expertise of the IT Outsourcing Company

Evaluate the competency of potential partners by reviewing portfolios, client testimonials, and understanding their track record. This step is pivotal in ensuring they can deliver cutting-edge applications aligned with your needs.

Financial Engagement Models

Establishing a budgetary plan is essential before outsourcing. Familiarize yourself with prevalent engagement models:

  • Fixed Price Model: Suitable for businesses with limited budgets, where payment is made after the software solution is delivered.
  • Time and Material-Based Model: Payment based on invested time and materials used in periodic cycles.
  • Dedicated Development Team: Hire resources tailored to your needs, and dedicated to your project for the duration of the engagement.

Security Measures and NDA

Address security concerns by implementing Software Agreements and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). These agreements safeguard against data breaches or misuse of confidential information, ensuring a secure partnership.

Selecting the best outsourcing company demands a strategic approach, considering communication, goals, technology, expertise, financial models, and security measures.

Top 15 IT Outsourcing Companies in Austin

IT outsourcing services companies in Austin offer a transformative shift from fixed IT outsourcing costs to a variable unit model. This means you pay for the specific services or products you require, avoiding needing a continuous, fixed IT budget. Also, you can cut costs on hiring additional human resources for IT services.

Looking for an IT outsourcing company in Austin TX? Your quest for the best software outsourcing companies ends here! We’ve compiled the ideal list of the best tech outsourcing companies in Austin.

FiveRivers Technologies

FiveRivers Technologies is one of the top IT outsourcing companies in Austin, Texas. We provide IT outsourcing services for your mobile or web development and Data Science & AI projects. We also provide you with exceptional UI/UX design and Quality Assurance services to launch software systems that are according to the security and usability principles. FiveRiversTechnologies has dedicated teams of software engineers, QA specialists, and designers to provide you with custom DevOps solutions that fit your tailored requirements.

We help startups and small businesses line up high-end software processes and reach the enterprise level. Also, our IT outsourcing costs are extremely competitive. We aim to achieve industry leadership by building scalable digital systems with rock-solid security standards that help get an advantage over the innovative and competitive software market. Reap all the Saas product development benefits with FiveRivers Technologies!

If you want to learn about all the benefits of SaaS product development, you can check out our expert guide:

SaaS Product Development Benefits


Redwerk provides full-stack development services for SaaS products. The company has served more than 250 businesses from different industries. It develops custom software projects and has dedicated teams to create, deliver, and maintain software systems, quality control and quality assurance. Its services include web development, SaaS development, enterprise software development, UI/UX design, software development audit, code modernization, and many more.


NIX is considered one of the best software project outsourcing companies in Austin, TX. that provides enterprise software development solutions, data analytics and business Intelligence (BI) solutions. It has delivered more than 3000 software projects to clients worldwide. It delivers innovative software solutions that provide enhanced development services, data engineering systems, and holistic analytics software.


Simform is a software company in Austin Texas. It helps startups and small businesses excel in their tech capacity by delivering innovative software solutions that meet the expectations of end-users. Simform helps companies choose the right technologies and software architecture. Its services include web and mobile app development, software testing, cloud migration, and management. Simform has been serving businesses for a long time and has gained popularity in delivering custom IT solutions to SMBs.

Attract Group

Attract Group is one of the top software companies that provide IT outsourcing services. It provides a wide range of services for software projects, which include website and mobile development, UI/UX, project management, support & maintenance, Quality Assurance, and business analysis. Attract Group has a team of IT professionals who work together to provide digital solutions to clients worldwide.


4Experience is a VR / AR and Game Development Studio. The core competency of the company is in the development of full-stack gaming solutions by employing the latest technologies. 4Experience has a dedicated team of experts who develop custom software solutions using agile methodologies. The company is considered the best game development services provider in Austin and offers AR training programs.


SupportNinja is a customer support outsourcing company in Austin, Texas, with its services ranging from providing platform-based software applications and consumer-focused software systems that fulfill core operations. SupportNinja was established in 2014 and provides customer care and support to businesses across the world. Its services include customer support, back-office support, technical support, and content moderation.

Syberry Corporation

Syberry Corporation is a software development company in Austin, Texas. It is a software engineering company with quality assurance and custom software development services located in Austin, Texas. It offers a wide range of technical expertise to businesses. It is popular for its unparalleled quality development services in mobile and web application outsourcing.

OTS Solutions

OTS is one of the biggest companies in Austin Texas that offers a wide range of digital solutions, custom software applications, and CRM systems. It helps clients from across the globe grow their businesses, from startups to large enterprises. Their software engineers have the deep domain knowledge to provide businesses with world-class applications that meet their core values.

Rockers Technology

Rockers Technology is a pioneering development service in Austin. It has dedicated IT teams and a seamless app development process to provide state-of-the-art solutions to businesses across the world. Its mobile and web development experts employ the latest agile methodologies and technologies to develop custom software solutions based on the needs of customers. It is an IT outsourcing company in Austin that offers custom web development services and IT solutions in the latest technologies such as Angular JS, React Native, Laravel, React JS, and Android & iOS app development.


Code & Care is a first-class web development service with an experienced team of developers. It is one of the best IT services companies in Austin to offer cutting-edge software solutions. The company works at the forefront of emerging technologies and the latest software frameworks and platforms. The services of Code&Care include web development, mobile development, MVP development, and DevOps.

In web development, Code&Care is working on top-notch frameworks, which include PHP, Laravel, JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, Python, .NET, and React Native. In mobile development, the company is working on Flutter, Ionic, Xamarin, and Cordova. You can find dedicated IT teams from one of the best IT outsourcing companies in Austin. The company has expertise in software development for various industries, which include Fintech, healthcare, Blockchain, Telecommunication, etc.

Goodbay Technologies

Goodbay Technologies is well known for its top-class customer support. It follows a stringent growth strategy for businesses and provides them with intelligent customer support to maximize their revenue. The company offers the best business IT support in Austin. To enhance customer experience, the company offers services such as Omnichannel support, VIP support, content moderation, back office, and multilingual services. Its growth strategy includes digital transformation, talent enablement, CX roadmap, and operational excellence. Whereas its business intelligence solutions offer CX insights and CRM consultation to businesses.

Volya Software Corporation

Volya Software Corporation offers custom software development solutions to businesses. It is one of the best IT companies in Austin. The company offers CAD/CAM solutions, 3D plugins for Adobe Illustrator, CRM systems, equipment management, healthcare solutions, financial activities automation, recognition and trading systems, transport logistics automation, and more. The company specializes in developing tailored and scalable business solutions that meet the market demand.

Startup Development House

Startup Development House is a custom software and product development company in Austin. The company offers a wide range of services to businesses which include web development, mobile development, MVP development, product design, user testing, scrum team augmentation, and cloud applications. Startup Development House offers quality outsourced IT services in Austin and helps startups streamline their product development journey.

For web development, the company uses the latest frameworks and technologies to meet the market demands. It develops intuitive designs to develop engaging web apps with integration capabilities for scalability purposes. So, if you are looking for scalable solutions for your business, Startup Development House has transparent procedures with seamless accessibility standards. It also offers app maintenance services to clients to consider user satisfaction and the best industry standards.

Switch Software Solutions

Switch Software Solutions offers nearshore custom application development. The company has modern software development architectures and employs agile methodologies to build custom development solutions. Its services include UI/UX to target the audience through a top-notch interface. Other than this, the company offers businesses quality front-end and back-end development and DevOps services. Switch Software Solutions is the top IT services company in Austin offering quality software testing (QA) services. It helps businesses diagnose bugs timely.

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The Bottom Line

IT outsourcing is a rapidly changing landscape in Austin, Texas. It provides the opportunity for businesses to maximize their core software projects. These top-tier IT outsourcing companies in Austin are committed to delivering impeccable development services. These companies take a comprehensive approach to creating IT solutions that prioritize the needs of end-users. They focus on creating user-friendly interfaces and implementing strict security protocols. This results in solutions that are tailored to the needs of their users.

With each company offering distinct expertise, from SaaS development to VR/AR and beyond, this curated list equips businesses with diverse options. So, there’s no need to search for, “top IT outsourcing firms in my area?” Choose one of these IT outsourcing service companies!

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