Success Story

Custom Built Mobile App

Project Focus: Data Analysis, Customized Application, User Centric 


In the automotive industry, technicians need to replace the current method (pen and paper) to track the completed work till payday and reconcile it with the Dealer Management System (DMS).

Currently, the technicians at car dealerships don’t have a way to manage and track their weekly earnings, and they don’t know how far they are from hitting the bonus goals or if they have already reached them. We created a mobile application that would let technicians track and monitor their earnings and bonuses.

The app allows automotive technicians to enter, track, manage, forecast and validate their actual and potential earnings over time. It helps technicians track production in dollars and forecast the result based on completed work, along with incentivizing the technicians. The app also tracks progress towards the bonus pay level.

Personal stock ticker by displaying the current earnings and providing a gravy score based on the cumulative earnings. Technicians can also use the gravy score to get promotions or find new jobs.

The dealership is also able to track the productivity of the technician, and provides a national scoring system in the form of a leaderboard.

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