Success Story

AI & Computer Vision Based Solution

Project Focus: Image Recognition, Dashboard Development, Global Usability 


DFMCGs are always looking for solutions to help them better manage shelf and freezer space.The planograms that are created are usually manually implemented, checked and updated by brand representatives who visit stores. Our client wanted a solution to help revolutionize retail spaces and allow FMCGs to have more control and checks on retail shelves their product is placed in.

We helped develop a dashboard and an image recognition solution that:

  • Detects and identifies SKUs on shelves, after being trained on a few example images.
  • Identifies the bounds of shelves and rows, while dealing with adjacent shelves, side-view images and non-uniform sized rows.
  • Estimates Share on Shelf, On-Shelf Availability and Item Count.
  • Recognizes Planogram representation and matches with required Planogram.
  • Detects and reads CTA banners on shelves

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