Success Story

Custom Built Javascript &
Data Science Web App

Project Focus: Use-Case Centric, Data Detection, Customized Application 


State and non-state actors increasingly weaponize social media to attack the reputations, credibility and social image of individuals and organizations. The solution we built protects customers from online social media attacks by detecting attacks early, assessing their impact, and recommending an appropriate response for clients to achieve their goals. The customers are individuals who are likely to be targeted due to their prominence, wealth, or some combination thereof. 

The tool analyzes social media data using boolean logic for a specific individual/use-case and provides the following outputs:

  • Detection data – a report highlighting manipulated or nefarious behavior if found  
  • Impact – determine the impact of the threat by juxtaposing social media data against offline sources 
  • Recommended Action – based on the impact score, client goals and the cognitive bias targeted, the product recommends a series of actions.

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