5 Best Countries For Offshore Software Development

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The revolutionizing digital landscape calls out for high-end IT solutions that meet the ultimate business requirement and customer expectations. Today, offshore software development has become a fashion in the IT industry. There is a range of advantages of offshore software development that enforce companies all across the world to outsource their high-scale projects to other countries. The offshore outsourcing companies dedicate a team of experts to the software projects that are available at your suitable timings and provide enhanced services according to the locked requirements.

Advantages of Offshore Development Services

Offshore development services are employed by companies across the world due to their potential benefits. Some are stated below:


The cost-optimization factor of offshore development services is more prominent. Offshore software development cost is much less as compared to in-house software development infrastructure. Companies do not need to make a huge investment in software development as they can outsource the whole project to other countries that cut additional costs. From human resources to equipment, and training to the workplace, the outsourcing companies take responsibility for everything and deliver you the ready-to-go end product. This eliminates your headache of project supervision and revisions. You just need to give requirements and a deadline for the project. An optimized software development cost contributes to the increasing fashion of offshore development.

Increased Efficiency:

Software development services from companies having years of experience ensure efficiency. The best offshore developers have experience in working with complex software projects that while delivering the required product also incorporate the performance and usability factors.


The time-zone differential between countries is efficiently managed by offshore companies. The dedicated teams of experts will keep on working even when you are sleeping and deliver you the work in very next morning. The meetings can be scheduled in the overlapped timings that make it easy for both parties to ensure their availability.

Save on Infrastructure:

Offshore development services eliminate the need for making investments in separate development infrastructure. The outsourcing company takes full responsibility and equipment for the functional software development. A dedicated infrastructure develops highly-tailored software products. Moreover, it reduces offshore software development risks.

Best Countries for Offshore Software Development

This section describes the five best offshore software development countries that are popular for providing high-scale and customized software products. Also, they have fewer offshore software development rates by country. These countries are well-known for their exceptional software products and use of innovative technologies that tend to fit with increasing customer expectations.

The five best offshore software development countries are:

1. Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the countries providing offshore software development services. The IT solutions developed by Pakistani software companies are praised across the world. One of the major reasons for outsourcing to Pakistan is that it is way cheaper than the development services of US agencies. Pakistan’s approach towards education has become more practical in the past decades. The talented youth of Pakistan is ambitious and has a learning behavior that ultimately opens new doors for experimentation.

The research and ICT communities are giving wings to both hybrid and native software development. From Data Science to Big Data, and AI to Blockchain technology, Pakistani companies provide market-leading services that contribute to ensuring a competitive advantage for the product. Another reason for Pakistan in the list of best offshore software development services providers is the struggle of the government in the promotion of information technology.

The educational institutes of Pakistan are investing in ICT research centers and software products for digital inclusion. The collective effort is yielding talented youth that is fit for the position of offshore software engineers. We at FiveRivers Technologies acknowledge the skilled software engineers of our country. We assign a dedicated team of software developers and designers for your project that work keenly on the principles of software development, design principles, and human-computer interaction.

2. Ukraine

Ukraine in Eastern Europe is gaining ground in offshore software development. A vast IT infrastructure, education, and IT training in Ukraine make it a hub for project outsourcing. Their strong grip over cutting-edge technologies and innovative stacks are praised all over the world. The country provides multiple opportunities in the field of IT that tend to focus on advanced training courses. Ukraine is taking lead in software development services due to which businesses all around the world are outsourcing their software projects to Ukraine. Most of the software projects of Ukraine correspond to distributed systems and security.

The increasing number of IT graduates in Ukraine is the major reason that the country is gaining ground in IT solutions development. The country follows the latest IT trends worldwide. From Artificial Intelligence to Machine Learning, and Big Data to Blockchain, the IT companies of Ukraine are grooving into every industry making them more digital and powerful to fulfill market demands. Ukraine is popular for outsourcing web development projects. It provides services for front-end development using PHP, Ruby, and Java.

3. Poland

Poland is providing high-class software development services to countries all across the globe. It is considered a core of offshore software development companies and talented IT graduates. Students from all over Europe come to Poland for higher education. The country is a member of many organizations that include the UN, EU, WTO, Madrid Protocol, and many more. The companies are well-aware of the security standards and requirements of businesses.

Poland is well-known for providing services for software development, software quality assurance, user-friendly software products, and human-computer interaction standards. Along with .NET and Java, PHP is considered the most used programming language for software development. One major reason for countries outsourcing to Poland is that there are minimal cultural differences that ensure working flexibility, timings, understandability, and activities seamless.

4. China

China has major offshore software development companies that are leading IT businesses worldwide. The rapid digitization, innovation, and technological advancement make China one of the top outsourcing companies in the world. Chinese software developers are famous for functional programming. They have a grip on python software development.

However, one major drawback for outsourcing projects in China is that there are fewer residents that could speak English. This introduces a communication barrier when it comes to deal with international clients. Secondly, some regulatory frameworks are also stringent that first need to settle before starting to work with the Chinese agencies.

5. Brazil

In Brazil, the government is investing in IT education. The fluent English speakers in Brazil mitigate the communication barrier and give wings to software outsourcing in the country. The youth is showing interest in IT software development that makes it suitable if you are searching for cost-effective solutions and junior software developers.

If you are looking for cost-optimized solutions, Brazil is the best place. However, for top-class projects, it is a better choice to move on to some other countries that deliver more advanced IT solutions.

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