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What is Microsoft Dynamics and where it is Used For ?


Whether you are a startup, a small business, or a full-fledged enterprise, process management holds equal importance. The use of business applications is a must to streamline the tasks, production, delivery, and evaluation in a very efficient manner. The more your organizational data would be aligned, it would be easy for you to view, edit, and extract insights. Today, cloud-based business services and applications are used at every level to maximize the productivity and profitability of a business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Overview

Microsoft Dynamics 365 was launched in 2016. It is a set of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications that are present in the form of modules and interconnected with each other. Multiple modules are encapsulated in one interface that tends to provide a 360-degree view of all the data in a centralized place. Dynamic 365 is a combination of Dynamic CRM applications and the ERP Microsoft Dynamics AX that incorporate every single module that a business would require to streamline its growth.

Microsoft was the first who brought this one-stop solution that integrates all the essential third-party apps and tools that a business would generally and critically require for effective operations. Given the dynamic business nature, the challenges could be tackled by adopting a business solution that provides assistance with changing trends. A complete suite of services transforms all your business activities related to employees and customers.

Dynamics 365 Modules and Use-Cases

Microsoft Dynamics manages rich use-cases and modules of a business. It combines the characteristics and functions of both the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Some market-leading third-party apps and tools are helping in the management of sub-modules. Automation, intelligent decision-making, and cloud-based data storage make it the ultimate requirement of every organization. Microsoft Dynamics is built on Microsoft Azure that provides a robust yet secure ecosystem. Collectively, the package of productivity apps contributes to enhanced business growth and revenue.

This section describes some potential use-cases and the applications of Microsoft Dynamics 365 that can help your business in many ways.

Valuable Insights

One of the most versatile features of Microsoft Dynamics is that it gives you meaningful insights related to your business. For instance, it takes various parameters as an input such as the customer traffic, the conversion rates, the leads, and sales, etc. to give information about overall business performance.

The graphical representation in the form of charts and graphs gives a consolidated overview of the business dynamics as well as expected revenue in the particular time span. The data visualization leverages strong algorithms of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to give the patterns of consumer behavior.

Interest and Trends

It would be much easy for a business to grow if it actually knows what their customer demands. Microsoft Dynamics helps you track your customer journey and determine the customer’s interests through its activities on your platform. The next time a user visits, you can show up the product or services the user searched for last time. This will increase user experience and maximize your sales.

Customer Support

For every business, customers are the actual asset. It is crucial to maintain a strong relationship with customers by providing them full-time support, addressing their concerns, and answering their queries at any hour of the day. This is what Microsoft Dynamics does automatically.


AX software Microsoft is capable of managing all your finance-related operations and processes by using project management tools that keep track of production, invoices, transactions, and business revenue.

Sales and Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 helps you design customized marketing campaigns by identifying their performance in specific regions with a particular budget. This approach helps you maximize the ROI.

HR Management

Human resources management takes into consideration cloud services and manages HR activities. It helps HR managers identify the talent, hire capable candidates, onboard new employees and manage HR programs effectively.

Where Microsoft Dynamics is used?

The businesses paving the road to success have the primary choice of a unified CRM and ERP system that tends to give all the functions and features in a single platform. This is exactly what Microsoft Dynamics 365 does. It manages the operations of all the departments of an organization. From sales and marketing to production and development to human resources management, high-end add ons and apps are available for the automation of certain processes.

Some potential uses of Microsoft Dynamics 365 correspond to:

  • Managing all the main and sub-processes and their data in one place such that a cohesive unit gathers data from multiple sources and gives a centralized view. This would help get to know the business performance at a glance.
  • Employing an advanced approach towards managing the data. From communication to social media channels, Microsoft Dynamics AX provides AI-enabled capabilities to various departments that make leads and sales analysis easy and provide forecast reports for revenue and business profits.
  • Managing HR processes in a single interface that eliminates the need for manual tasks and efforts.
  • Making smarter decisions using Business Intelligence (BI) tools, its advanced analytics capabilities, and the meaningful insights that can help businesses grow.
  • Determining the customer traffic, leads, and sales in the system to identify the business performance and the conversion rate.
  • Streamlining the marketing processes, their analysis, and performance. Based on the data, the marketing campaigns and strategies could be tailored that help in profit maximization.
  • Managing finance-related tasks such as keeping track of transactions and investments, invoicing and billing management, as well as tax management.
  • Manufacturing, production, and shipment process tracking and management in an effective manner.

All these usages are part of every industry and business. The ultimate answer to What is Microsoft Dynamics AX used for? is that it helps businesses get a competitive edge in the market and maintain a brand image with its seamless processing and management capabilities.

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