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As one of the leading UI/UX design companies, we implement innovative UI/UX methodologies and continuously adopt the latest practices that communicate your brand’s essence. Our human-centric design approach and user experience design services identify your customers’ shortcomings and create solutions that enhance their experiences. 

Being a top-tier user experience consulting company, we employ state-of-the-art procedures such as discovering the design, UX Design, Visual and UI Design, Graphic Design, HCD, and HCI to ensure that our team churns out a final product that’s worthwhile and above the ordinary.

We use industry-leading tools when designing, this bridges the gap between the human brain and your digital product or solution to increase user interaction and inevitably drive sales.

Digital Twins

We have developed several Digital Twins that enable clients to simulate and visualize highly accurate digital replicas of real-world products and systems.

Some examples of the Digital Twins we have worked on:

  • Vending machine simulator for a soft drink company
  • Soft drink bottle conveyor simulator
  • In-store experience simulator for a hypermarket


Augmented Reality

We’ve tackled numerous real-world challenges through a variety of AR projects.

Elevator Maintenance App:

An app that shows the precise status of elevators and gives troubleshooting advice through voice commands in case of system failure.

AR Murals:

A collection of murals utilizes AR technology to trigger animations that illustrate future events in a specific segment of the picture.

Virtual Reality

As early adopters in the VR realm, we have been utilizing Oculus DK1 and consistently producing VR projects, including:

  • A white-hat hacker training simulation that provides missions to prevent malicious or destructive activities.
  • A VR experience that allows for monitoring of data from various ship systems directly from the Control Room, enabling problems to be solved before they occur.


Cave VR

We’ve had the opportunity to develop custom solutions utilizing CAVE VR, which is a distinctive technology for an immersive experience. For Example

Gallery App CAVE

A virtual gallery featuring various simulations, activities, and information.

Supermarket Experience CAVE

An immersive experience that enables users to customize shelves in a hypermarket, running experiments to achieve optimal product visibility.

Interactive Controls

We have integrated motion or visual controls into multiple projects outside of VR, in addition to standard controls. For Example:

Soft Drink Vendor Experience

We utilized SenseGlove to enable users to observe product flaws and demonstrate them to customers.

Jet Controls Experience

Interact with jet controls using Leap Motion.



We have developed several simulations using real-world data, including:

  • F/A-18E Super Hornet simulation based on real physics values. An AI was trained on the physically accurate system to fly missions, engage enemy units, and coordinate with squadron allies. Users could plan missions which were AI simulated, allowing for the testing of possible scenarios.
  • Chips Fryer simulation to simulate the output and behavior of different baffle types under different parameters. This allowed us to present optimal solutions and setups to maximize production and minimize waste.

Data Visualizations

We possess expertise in data science, analytics, and UX design to assist you in presenting your data more effectively. We have created several dashboards and reports that contain pertinent data for targeted audiences.


Blockchain Based Solution

We are helping a client build a Web3.0 ecosystem that is helping democratize data and allowing users to gain control of their data.



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