Difference between Java and Javascript

Due to the similar word, ‘Java’ in both programming languages, there is a misconception that Java and Javascript are similar, whereas they are not. When Javascript was introduced, Java used to be a very popular programming language. Javascript was a scripting language and to make it renowned, the name Java was used with it. However, […]

How to become a Python Developer

Python is becoming a popular programming language and stands out among many other languages for its ease of use and wonderful libraries perfect for Machine Learning. The demand for Python developers has also increased due to the fact that Python gives seamless solutions to real-world problems and enhanced capabilities to developers. Python is used in […]

The Future of Data Science in the Age of COVID-19

Introduction 2020 will go down in history as one of the most challenging years in which the novel coronavirus infected millions across the world. Researchers are conducting and comparing assessments to what is happening now versus the impact of the 1918 flu. The difference between then and now is technology. Today, we can assess the […]

Solving Business Problems With Data Science

In the past few decades, emerging technologies have led to revolutionary changes that enabled humans to implement responsible research and innovation. Today, many businesses are utilizing various technologies to enhance performance and revenue. Organizations are understanding the value of data more than ever and with this realization, the demand for Data Science experts has seen […]

An Ideal Plan For Implementation Of Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics best practices are useful for enterprises looking to extract actionable insights from user data that they collect through various channels. Data-driven solutions ensure infrastructure security and make it possible to perform effective market segmentation and capital allocation. There are multiple factors involved in the implementation of Big Data analytics and we would […]


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