Business Intelligence vs Data Analytics

The Big Data analytics market is gaining ground the world over. “Big data” refers to huge data sets that are generated from several sources. This data is complex to process and analyze for traditional data processing applications. Therefore, multiple data analytics techniques are used to make it understandable for data-driven organizations. According to Wikibon, the […]

What is the Ultimate Outcome of a Data Warehouse?

The evolving digital world is revamping business operations. Cutting-edge technologies are becoming part of the business infrastructure to fulfill a range of purposes. From increased business revenue to customer satisfaction, businesses are investing in the development of reliable products that maximize profits. Cloud-based technology, for instance, is grooving into every high-scale business. It allows companies […]

Difference Between a Software Engineer And Software Developer

Like you, many are confused about the difference between a software engineer and a software developer. However, one key difference in both corresponds to the scope. There exist some overlap in the skills and responsibilities of both the developers and engineers that create uncertainty in their roles and expertise. The software developers do work on […]

An Ideal Plan For Implementation Of Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics best practices are useful for enterprises looking to extract actionable insights from user data that they collect through various channels. Data-driven solutions ensure infrastructure security and make it possible to perform effective market segmentation and capital allocation. There are multiple factors involved in the implementation of Big Data analytics and we would […]

How Small Business Can Benefit From Big Data

Big Data consists of large databases that one can analyze for industry trends and patterns. The technology presents a set of applications and tools to effectively utilize and manage large data sets. Experts widely believe that Big Data introduces new business opportunities on a regular basis. Information is the biggest asset to any company these […]