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Benefits of Outsourcing Your Mobile App Development


Mobile application development is one of the most popular fields in the IT industry. According to research by Statista, the number of mobile app downloads worldwide in 2020 is recorded to be 218 billion. With the increasing number of active users, mobile apps are expected to reach a revenue of $935 billion by 2023. Not only this, a 63% increase is recorded in the revenue of outsourcing business in 2019. Companies are investing immensely into outsourcing their mobile app development projects.

Every new mobile app idea has to take into consideration the ROI that can be earned from it. In short, a detailed business plan has to be developed. Considering the sheer volume of applications available the marketing plan has to be innovative and foolproof. The scope and MVP are determined by finalizing the short-term and long-term plan for the app’s development and marketing.

So what are your ideas for the next big mobile app? With the ultimate purpose of hitting the market quickly and with a quality product, outsourcing your mobile app development project is the best option.

Companies that offer Mobile App Development Services

Enterprises all across the globe are outsourcing their mobile application projects. The reason is ever-evolving technology and emerging trends that call out for cutting-edge solutions but those that can be delivered within a budget.
Customer expectations are sky-rising and to meet them, businesses are outsourcing their projects to create a product that is of high quality and something they can create within their budget.

Most start-ups create the MVP using their own funds and have limited cash to work with. Once the MVP is done they use it to raise more funding so going the outsourcing route saves them the time and hassle of hiring expensive talent.

Below are the ten best app outsourcing companies for mobile app development projects.

1. FiveRivers Technologies

2. Hyperlink InfoSystem

3. OpenXcell

4. Blue Label Labs

5. Cubix

6. Utility

7. RipenApps

8. Infinum

9. Sidebench

10. Idealogic

These companies take into consideration each functional and non-functional requirement of your project. From providing high-end features and capabilities to seamless app performance and response time, app development services providers provide a complete solution. You get access to a whole team of skilled professionals and project managers on a small budget.

One big challenge in app development is the shifting paradigm of technology. The hardware and software languages are evolving daily and play a critical role in providing seamless functionalities to mobile apps. It is crucial to take advantage of experienced professionals within outsourcing companies to develop state-of-the-art mobile apps.

Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile App Development Project

Some benefits of outsourcing mobile app development projects include:

1. Cost-effective Solution

Outsourcing mobile app development reduces the overall outsourcing app development cost. The services from offshore app development companies cut the labor cost significantly and help you ensure high savings on human resources, equipment, and electricity. Businesses across the world outsource mobile app development services. Suitable timings, follow-ups, and meetings are decided based on the time zone of both regions. So even if you are sleeping, your development team will be working on your idea.

2. Security

The increasing threats in the digital world call out for stringent security measures and practices for every software project. High-scale data breaches and cybersecurity attacks demand enhanced security measures that protect the data of customers and mitigate DDoS attacks. Outsourcing companies are well aware of the latest threats and the innovative technologies that can fight back against them. Therefore, outsourcing your mobile app development projects is a good idea to maintain security.

3. 24/7 Development

An in-house software development team is available for work for a limited time. Whereas, when you outsource your projects to offshore outsourcing companies, they work round the clock to provide you round-the-clock assistance with your queries and requirements. The different time zones are not a challenge. Both parties can decide overlapping suitable times to conduct meetings and discuss the project. Infact in many situations this way of working works better. An offshore team delivers a product at the end of their workday and the onshore team has the whole day to provide feedback and when they clock out the off-shore team is at work again. This does not only ensure seamless collaboration but also delivers a unique 24-hour work model.

4. Professionalism

Professionalism while working with any individual, team or company is crucial. Outsourcing companies go through a strict recruitment process and filter out the most appropriate software engineers that fit those requirements. They focus on hiring out-of-the-box thinkers and problem solvers who are a great asset to your team. Make sure your product is following the best industry practices by acquiring services from seasoned offshore mobile app development companies.

The Bottom Line

Offshore outsourcing companies have proven to be a highly effective means of creating quality products within a budget. The time-zone management issue is no longer a problem as many companies are flexible with their work timings. Another aspect that you don’t have to deal with is the management of your resources, your offshore partner takes care of all the project management and HR concerns as well. So if you’re looking to bring your idea to life on a budget get in touch with us today!

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