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7 Reasons Why React is Popular in 2023


To say React.Js is among the most popular web development frameworks around would be an understatement. Released in 2013 by Facebook, React became the go-to framework for web development for companies like Uber, Airbnb, Spotify, Amazon, Netflix, and many more.

But the question that is floated around a lot is: Is React still popular in 2023? Well, to answer this question precisely, we have come up with this guide as to why React is still the most popular choice for web development in 2023.

What is React.JS?

React is a free and open-source JavaScript library used for the front-end development of web applications. With React.JS, users can build robust and engaging user interfaces. Moreover, React can be used to build single-page, mobile, or server-rendered applications with frameworks like React.Native and Next.js.

React excels in the following areas that make it the go-to front-end development framework:

  • React is component-based, and React builds have their own components that manage their own states and compose them to make intricate UIs, thus delivering top rendering performance.
  • You can write new features in React without altering the existing code.
  • React is declarative, which allows developers to develop top-notch user interfaces.

Why is React so popular in 2023?

For more than a decade, React has become a framework of choice for developers because of its ease of use, great library, and strong community of support. Let’s look at some other reasons why React is still popular in 2023.

Easy to learn

The cardinal rule in software development is to always look for simple solutions; and React is just that—easy and simple. If you are a JavaScript pro, you won’t have any problems with adopting it; you can just install React and be up and running in no time. The documentation is fairly simple to understand, thus allowing you to start building web applications from the get-go.

Can build intuitive and robust UI’s

As React is declarative, front-end developers can easily create robust user interfaces with simple codes, thus making them easy to read, understand, and debug if necessary. React makes interactive UIs by changing the state of the components and by also changing the DOM virtually

A great library

React has an exceptional pre-built component library to choose from. With such a complete library, you have almost everything at your disposal to start building intuitive UIs. Moreover, the components library also speeds up the development process, so developers don’t have to create components from scratch.

Apart from that, React has 253,591 packages available on NPM, a subsidiary of Github. This means that front-end developers have more than a decent number of packages to work with and can have all ends covered.

Renders faster with a virtual DOM

React’s virtual DOM efficiently updates only the parts of a web page that have changed, which results in faster rendering. This approach optimizes the user experience by minimizing unnecessary updates, leading to improved performance.

React is easy to test.

React’s design encourages a test-driven development approach. Testing tools and libraries, such as Jest and Enzyme, are readily available to help developers create robust and reliable test suites, ensuring the stability and quality of their applications.

Extremely scalable

React’s component-based architecture and modular structure make it highly scalable. The flexibility offered by React allows developers to build small, reusable components and then integrate them into larger, more complex applications, making it suitable for both small projects and large-scale applications.

Community support

React boasts a strong and active community of developers, which means that you can find extensive resources, tutorials, and solutions to common issues. This community support not only enhances your development experience but also ensures that React remains updated with the latest web development trends.

Should you be using React in 2023?

In conclusion, React is undeniably still a top choice for web development in 2023. Its simplicity, strong library support, intuitive UI capabilities, and community backing make it a reliable framework for a wide range of projects. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, React offers the tools and resources needed to create modern, high-performance web applications. So, yes, React is still an excellent choice for web development in 2023.

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