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5 Best Business Continuity Software You Should Know


Business process management is critical for consistent growth. Enterprises employ the best practices and planning techniques to ensure a streamlined workflow. Business continuity software applications help make business continuity management (BCP/BCM) processes, compliance, and all other standards more accurate and efficient. Since a wide range of processes are running in the pipeline simultaneously, it is critical to monitor the performance of each process to ensure seamless delivery.

Complicated business operations are optimized using business continuity software that ultimately helps create plans, analyze business performance, update recovery plans, plan risk management procedures, and make use of tools that add to business process efficiency. Various techniques and business management models are used to manage regular business events in open source business continuity software. Rapid digitization calls out for much stronger systems to be put in place.

The online business frameworks are prone to high-scale security risks that include different natures of cyberattacks and data breaches that do not only compromise the confidential information of the organization but also affect business compliance requirements. Business continuity software is a one-stop solution to manage all business needs and processes in a highly managed way. This article shares five best business continuity software reviews that are used by organizations across the globe.

1. Oracle Risk Management Cloud

Oracle is one of the most popular business continuity software companies that provide a range of applications to businesses to streamline their entire operational workflow. It supports advanced automated security procedures that help monitor transactions to ensure transparent financial controls. It helps mitigate the risks of increasing digital payment fraud by implementing separation of duties (SoD) and managing audit workflows. Oracle risk management cloud presents highly customized solutions based on business infrastructure.
Some modules provided by Oracle Risk Management Cloud are:

Effective Decision Making

This module presents enhanced visualization capabilities to the system that runs simulations and ultimately helps business analysts in taking effective decisions that could help retain business growth.

Stringent Security Rules

SoD rules are implemented to ensure controlled access over confidential data and the network that also helps comply with the data protection and privacy policies.

Design-based Security

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is established based on the design requirements of the business. Automated security configurations help eliminate the potential risks.


Some benefits of implementing Oracle Risk Management include:

  • Enhanced security of the organizational data with regular audits of financial statements, incoming and outgoing connections, and transactions.
  • Cost-effective solution for testing and auditing of the data based on the ERP design and roles.
  • Fight against the malevolent activities and attempts by hackers and fraudsters. It helps keep sensitive data safe from any unauthorized access.
  • Helps you be always prepared for unexpected circumstances using an AI-driven approach towards risk management.

2. Spanning

Spanning is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) data protection software for G Suite, MSP Edition, Microsoft 365, and Salesforce. It helps businesses enable controlled access to data by defining administration roles. It has the capability of restoring data in case of any breach or hack. Whether it is a startup, small business, or a large enterprise, there is an equal number of risks associated with the confidential data of the firm.

The high-scale data breaches, phishing attacks, and credential stuffing techniques compromise your data that further gives birth to many compliance-related problems. Spanning helps you recover your potential customers and organizational data effectively. It makes the backup process seamless and gives an intuitive interface to set up the configurations easily. It is a highly cost-effective solution for businesses with no training costs, no overheads, and no lengthy installations.

With Spanning:

  • Users can restore the data on their own so that the administrative tasks could be continued.
  • Detect and fight against sophisticated email phishing attacks using advanced technology.
  • Secure the online accounts that could be prone to some attacks before any data loss occurs.
  • Monitor the traffic continuously to mitigate any potential attacks by malevolent entities according to your business continuity software requirements.

3. Fusion Framework System

Fusion Framework system is top business continuity software popular for managing complex business operations in a highly seamless manner. It brings simplicity to the regular business operations that are highly connected with each other. The agile framework is used in the organizational processes that accelerate business growth and performance effectively. Through a critical approach, the Fusion Framework System encapsulates the business requirements in a single solution that automate the regular processes in a very efficient manner.

Every organization has different departments and modules that need to run side by side without any blockage in a system with respect to data or task delivery. Some modules are critically dependent on others for which the workflow is expected to be smooth to mitigate the risks of unexpected outcomes. Fusion Framework System gives you more hands at managing the operations. It empowers agility and provides codified risk management practices. The resilience measures then help give flexibility to the teams when it comes to creating unique experiences with a small number of clicks.

Fusion Framework System allows you to:

  • Reduce the potential risks and simplify complex business operations.
  • It enhances the visibility of data by giving a consolidated view of all information.
  • Get customized solutions that align well with your business requirements.
  • Make regular audits of the data, analyze the results and make improvements in the business operations.
  • Leverage the power of technology to deal with growing data hazards and risks.
  • Plan risk management measures beforehand to confidently fight back against cyberattacks.
  • Eliminate manual tasks that used to be highly time-consuming and overwhelming.
  • Automate the repetitive tasks to increase productivity.

4. Catalyst

If you are looking for efficiency in your business operations, Catalyst business continuity software is the first choice. They employ an advanced approach towards managing and implementing the strategies that streamline industrial operations. It provides a wide range of services to the organizations that help meet the end goals and boost up the business revenue to a greater extent. The catalyst acts as a unique solution for Global Project Management Office that helps manage multiple projects in an effective way so that the project delivery and purpose could be achieved.

Catalyst provides high-end functions and capabilities to the business that support multiple industries. From medical to education and IT industry, Catalyst has a huge clientele base. The major focus of businesses is on maximizing the ROI at a highly effective budget, Catalysts present a tailored solution to businesses based on their needs.

The other functionalities provided by Catalyst include:

  • Strategies to ensure high business revenue and maximum profit.
  • Implementation of a Customer Relationship Management software for your business.
  • Customizing the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for your organization.
  • Support multiple languages as per your region and customers.
  • Integrate the cloud-based solutions and on-premise ERP software for your business.
  • Employ dynamic strategies to increase the customer retention rate while reducing churn rate and increasing traffic.

5. ClearView

When it comes to business continuity software, considerations for law enforcement and compliance are critically important. Large enterprises collect tons of data from their customers that need to be protected by all means to mitigate the risks of data breaches. Several malevolent actors are roaming in the digital space that are that for the businesses. ClearView provides you with a unique solution that includes the law enforcement tools that help you investigate as well as fight against the crimes.

The attacks could be mitigated if the real-time connection traffic could be seen. ClearView gives you a consolidated view of the traffic and helps you identify the bad actors in the system. It is a revolutionary product that helps you generate high-quality investigative leads. Identity verification has become the ultimate need of many industries to comply with regulatory obligations.

ClearView allows you to:

  • Employ advanced identity verification techniques such as facial recognition to verify the identity of your customer.
  • Customer screening through a huge sanction list, public social media, terrorist lists, and news media, etc. To make sure you are not welcoming any bad entity into your system.
  • Help you comply with updated local and global regimes that are crucial for your organization to follow.
  • Mitigate high-scale risks and attacks while protecting your customer’s information in a highly secure manner.
  • Verify your customers against the lists of criminal entities to mitigate the risk of monetary fines and harsh regulatory penalties.
  • Ensure strong security practices over data to make sure no unauthorized entity is accessing it.
  • Implement strong authentication mechanisms that help you curb the risks of digital frauds, phishing, and credential stuffing attacks.

Determine your business requirements and choose one among these top business continuity management software for your organization.

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